My First Post Will Be – A Disney Tag!

Yes, my first post will be a TAG, because I am the worst at writing bios and introducing myself.

See the original Disney Tag here by a really cool chickie! 👍

1.) What is your favorite Disney movie?

     After much deliberation, I have decided that “The Sword in the Stone” is my favorite. For 3 reasons;
 1. I LOVE almost all of the Characters; Merlin,
and most especially…
 3. The humor in it always makes me giggle, no matter how many times I watch it.
2.) Favorite Princess?
 Belle, of course. Because
  •  she is a bookworm,


  • the whole place is set in FRANCE!


  • and it is one of my favorite Disney movies, period.
 Snow White is next.
 I KNOW many people hate her because she seems dim-witted and helpless but here are my reasons:
  • Her “house-working” vibe.


  • THE ANIMALS ! OH MY Goodness! 😍

  • Her perpetual innocence/obliviousness.


  • I find it refreshing to watch a Disney film where feminazi-ism is clearly absent.


  • She portrays a very ladylike, graceful and feminine person. (Three virtues I strive to achieve – and fail miserably at, I must say…)


  • The wildflowers scene! Ahhh!


  •  And finally, its my moms favorite and it rubbed off on me – so sue me!


  Tiana is my third favorite. Because I like her way of looking at life. Although the movie “The Princess and the Frog” didn’t do much for me. I really did not care for a few things in it, and I found it pretty … meh. I dunno, it just didn’t have much Classic Disney spark.
3.) Least favorite princess?


Ariel. Can’t stand her, period. (Though I DO adore her hair…)


…didn’t care for the movie (too much boob for me thanks),

and the message wasn’t one that I particularly cared for.

Not that Disney movies have the best messages in the first place – I just don’t care for this one more.

4.) Do you like the drawn animation or the computer animated movies better?

     Hand Animation, hands down. I love the older ones the best. Especially the ones with the almost muffled audio – seriously, its just… sigh… there’s just something about it…..


5.) Favorite male character?


Here we go… in no particular order (because it would take me all night to try and place them in such order….)


Robin Hood.

Prince Philip (one of the only princes that had an actual character!)
Jock and Trusty
And … Roger

6.) In your opinion, who was the best villain?

Ok.. another list, just because I cannot choose!

Prince John


Madam MIM!


Yzma! lol I love her…


Edgar Balthazar (the poor guy!!)



And, lastly, the Evil Queen:


7.) What is your favorite Disney hairstyle? (I just had to ask that one!)

 *sigh* Ariel’s hair.

8.) What is your favorite story?

Oh goodness…

STORY? The 101 Dalmatians, because I am a sucker for animals… and I adore Roger and Anita….

9.) Which one has the best romance?

Its a tie between Pacha & Chicha


and Roger & Anita


10.) What is your favorite Disney song? *Mrhrhrhr* (Yeah, narrow it down to one!:)

 Holy Mackerel … let’s say… JOLLY HOLIDAY because I enjoy singing the song.. complete with the voice changes ha!


11.) What is your favorite costume? 

These “Alice” dresses 🙂


12.) Would you rather go to a ball with a midnight curfew or get lost in the forest and keep house for a bunch of dwarfs?

HA! Easy choice!  I’d keep house any day.


13.) Who is your favorite non-human character?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and pick one without thinking about it…




14.) Do you want adventure in the great wide somewhere or would you rather just be on an Island of your own?

 Island. As long as I am with family. giphy (1).gif

15.) What Disney movie is the most likely to make you cry?

 Number one is the Fox and the Hound. (Oh goodness, here come the waterworks…)

16.) What character do you most relate to?

Madam Mim…

and these three, (because … I’m special that way 🙂 )


17.) What scene used to scare you the most?

 I was a chicken… pick one:





Can I just say that almost every Disney movie has a freakin’ creepy part?


18.) Did you like Aurora’s dress better in blue or pink?

Pink. 🙂

19.) Have you seen The Great Mouse Detective?

 Yep. Love it.

20.) What Disney movie, in your opinion, is the prettiest? Story aside, characters aside, what movie is just the most fun to look at?

Hmm… SNOW WHITE! I mean, look at these scenes!

Image result for snow white dwarf cottage gif


 And…. that’s all folks!


A special thanks to this girl – after finding her awesome blog and this TAG, it got me off my writers block and I was FINALLY able to finish setting up this blog!

So, I am tagging:

  •  Angela
  • Caitlin
  •  Mary I
  • Grace
  • Maddie
  • Rita
  • Melanie
  • Stephanie
  • Jeanne
  • Rachel Claire

aaaaand Katie Gregoire just for kicks. Haha. Ya’ll aren’t obliged to do this tag, but its awfully fun! 😜😜



  1. Best Disney questions and answers I ever read! Ha Ha! The only one I completely disagree with is the last one because though Snow White is beautiful, Sleeping Beauty is clearly the most lovely Disney cartoon EVER made!

    Liked by 1 person

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