Crisis in the Church: My Position on the Pope

 Whew. Alright. This is it. Here goes…
1. I have withheld my criticism of many of his actions publicly and even defended his honor against others when I felt it necessary, ever since he was elected. Because of theological reasons.2. Now that there is strong evidence that he knew of McCarrick’s evil actions and continued to cover up for him and so on, I have the ability and the right to publicly denounce his sick actions, and call for his resignation in the light of his dishonorable and even cruel-hearted actions towards the victims of the Homosexual Abuse by the Clergy. “ex: ‘I will not say a word’ ‘figure it out yourselves'” calling plastics in the ocean an emergency right after Vigano’s statement comes out”

3. As any ordained should resign if they had a part in moving around, covering for, willfully ignoring, the homosexual clergy predators in the Church, the Pope’s actions have marked him as one whom the laity can and SHOULD call to resign. (Cardinal Burke himself has stated that it is licit for the laity to call for the resignation of Pope Francis) Though I feel it must be clearly stated that I am not saying that I believe the Chair of Peter is empty, or that Francis is an anti-Pope, OR that I am against his Office. I honestly have no idea if he is an anti-Pope, I do not believe the Chair of Peter is empty, and I respect the Office of the Pope.

4. I have more than this one issue that makes me angry at the Pope, (in fact I could fill an entire book with the problems in his papacy), but because of theological reasons, I try not to get carried away – this is my business and my personal demons to battle.

5. I have been taking part in prayer & penance, and several pro-good-clergy, pro-give-it-to-God alliances. I figured this needs to be mentioned as some people seem to think that all I do is sit down and criticize without praying about anything. (hmmm guess they don’t know me at all.)

6. I cannot say that I know everything, or that never sin. But I am doing my very best, and appreciate a little bit of slack. Everyone in the Church have more than enough weight on their shoulders and this includes myself. I appreciate the vibrant need in Catholic’s to correct others on social media, but today perhaps there is more than enough of that going around? Just my opinion. In other words; don’t expect me to be perfect as I am far from that – and realize that I am also going through a ton, mentally, physically and spiritually and perhaps your comment might not make anything any easier
7. Finally, what is the heaviest in my heart is the amount of souls being damned to hell for E.T.E.R.N.I.T.Y. – this is why I love everyone (yes, even the Pope) enough to rightly feel upset and angry when their actions, are in fact, aiding in damning their owns souls as well as millions of others. Yes, I am still learning when and where to correctly place my words; but again, try to remember that I am also under the same sort of hurt, temptation, problems, black clouds, and so on as you, so please be thoughtful before judging me for loving too much and speaking out.Thanks for reading; I appreciate us honoring each others conscience and freedom of speech – now, let’s go save souls!

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