Classy Plus Size Fashion Bloggers – Where to Find Them

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Hey. Let’s get personal; are you plus sized? Do you sometimes feel like the only plus sized bloggers and “instagrammers” are just constantly posting photos of them in revealing clothing? Maybe it’s just me. I mean, maybe I’m the only one who feels this way.

I just wanted to find a few decent plus size ladies with classy fashion style that could perhaps help me figure out how to dress more ladylike and classy for my size. But it seemed that whenever I’d come across a “plus sized” Instagram, all she posted was herself in terribly revealing clothing; which certainly did NOT scream “classy”, poor thing. If anything it screamed, “I hopped on the body positivity train to feel good about my large self; please tell me I’m beautiful.” Sorry. But, I don’t believe one needs to show everything she’s got to somehow “prove” that she has worth and is beautiful. Whatever worth we have, it is directly from God and because of God. And we are beautiful because we are literally created by God. No sexy photos necessary! You’re welcome!

Anyway, moving on.

Okay, I admit it, it’s not easy to feel put together, classy or feminine when you are *ahem* “plus sized”. My point is; when you are larger than you’d like to be, it’s difficult to properly put a classy wardrobe together. At least it was for me.


I decided to make a list of my favorite plus sized ladies who have decent fashion sense. If any of you have felt the incredible sting of finding a “curvy” fashionista, only to find out her photos are more for the cover of Cosmo, or Playboy… you’re welcome. 😉

Stay classy ladies.

Oh DISCLAIMER, because these days we need to declare the obvious so we don’t get in trouble: Of course I don’t support any nasty politics, weird “religious” vibes or the random racy photo from any of these IG’s. They are merely for a few fashion ideas, and have the least amount of lingerie and swimsuit shots. 🙂 Nor do I support living the lazy/overeating/unhealthy life.

 Hayley Hall:












 Frocks And Frou Frou




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