Traditional Folk Knits & Patterns To Die For

If I would have told myself 15 years ago that I would be gushing over flower-y, knit, wool, traditional-ish outfits from Europe, I would have laughed and then turned up Metallica.

BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS!!! THESE CLOTHES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. My dream would be to dress like this all the time! JUST LOOK AT THEMMM. These outfits and clothing pieces are from Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Germany, all over! And how gorgeous are they!!?

thenordicshop // Oleana
Set “Nastenka”. Anu Kasper (anukasper)
Anna Rostova/Getty Images

I can’t for the life of me, however, find FRENCH outfits like these… its seems every other country in Europe has these gorgeous prints, patterns and outfits except the french? ha. But aside from that, Pinterest is literally a goldmine right now if you are looking for this kind of inspiration.

Aren’t they just beautiful!? Let’s bring back more of this please. More Tradition, less Communism / Globalism crap. Who’s with me?

Cover photo: Girl in Romanian Dress.


  1. Loooooove..If I could find clothes like those I’d definitely would wear them all the time.
    Not much around where I live except wacky world[walmart] and the clothes they carry here are notvmodest ..

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    • Right? Ugh. I’m still looking constantly at second hand stores (the ones I can get into right now lol). Always on the hunt for clothes like these! They are very rare. Most clothes I find that look similar don’t look feminine at all, which is sad. I love the feminine look and it’s difficult to find nowdays, especially in larger sizes.


      • I use to go to one but the owner STOLE Coach bags 11 from me, you take stuff there if they sell it you get 50% of what they go for, I went one day to get my coach bags only to find out she put her number on ALL my bags, I told her about it asked for them all back, she said no…I was hurt and mad, iv known her over 30 years


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