I Don’t Celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, Here’s Why

Short version:

  1. No Heart.
  2. No Wounds
  3. Was on the List of Forbidden Books.
  4. Concerning / confusing messages in the Divine Mercy message (like the Host jumping out of the Tabernacle, landing in St. Faustina’s hands…..)
  5. Replacement of the Chaplet of the Sacred Wounds, The Rosary and the Sacred Heart Devotion.
  6. Replacing the idea of Penance and Reparation (as the Sacred Heart) into a more “God is merciful. YAY.”

Front Porch Catholic Blog

So… I’m sharing an article that I think has some merit. I’m not all “gung-ho” about this topic, but I do think it has some fairly good points. And considering so much that I grew up knowing about the Faith turns out is not even what the Faith teaches, but clearly Modernist ideas previously condemned by the Church herself… there’s no harm in being prudent.

I will not object to saying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, but, I have moved from photos of the Divine Mercy to the Sacred Heart instead, and I attend a TLM so I do not attend “Divine Mercy Sunday” Mass. I also am not going to finish reading the “Divine Mercy in my Soul” book either. Which is fine, even if this caution is for naught (which I don’t think it is…). A private revelation can be ignored by the faithful in good conscience, and that…

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