Christopher West Is Wrong

When I was a teen I had tried to read his book, “Theology of the Body for Beginners” and it just didn’t sit right with me. Today, after hearing so many outrageous and disgusting comments and actions of his and of his “disciples” I can honestly say that the man’s ideas disgust me.

Here are smarter people than me talking about this:

“Theology of the Body: From David Bowie to Spiderman to Christopher West” by Michael Matt

“Dietrich von Hildebrand, Catholic Philosopher, and Christopher West, Modern Enthusiast” by Alice von Hildebrand, DCSG, a Catholic philosopher, theologian, lecturer, author, and former professor; she is also the second wife of Dietrich von Hildebrand.

“Christopher West’s Theology of the Body” by David L. Schindler, Provost/Dean and Gagnon Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family

“The Christopher West Show: A Neo-Catholic Scandal” by Christopher A. Ferrar, Roman Catholic attorney, pro-life activist, and journalist. Founder and current president of the American Catholic Lawyers Association. 

There are, of course many, leftist screetching Karens and Fr. Hippys out there who took it upon themselves to think they know more than these people and proceed to canonize West and his perverse ideas. Just as any other issue concerning morality and Catholicism. We just need to understand what the Church has always taught, and compare it to Wests nasty behavior, it’s not difficult to see stark differences. Easy peasy rice and cheesy.

I am willing to believe that West is oblivious to the damage he is doing, and I pray that one day he sees the grave errors of his making. However, his actions must still be called out as what they are, perverse, nasty and certainly not what the Catholic Church teaches and has always taught on morality.

“Catholics who take it upon themselves to wholeheartedly believe this objective view on the so-called “Theology of the Body” as some sort of “New”awakening or grand discovery that the Church has failed to notice until now are greatly mistaken, as it is simply not magisterial teaching, holds no serious binding on the laity, and form no part of the fullness of the Faith. Meaning,
Catholics can completely ignore it and still be faithful Catholics. And, we are not obliged in any way or bound under sin to follow it. However, we should note that many parts of John Paul II’s Audience’s which make up “The Theology of the Body,” preach a more different view than many Catholics who promote it, and its various merits can be overlooked because of this.
Catholics must understand that the “Theology of the Body,” as told by any Tom, Dick, or Harry Catholic, simply does not hold any Magisterial weight and can be ignored by the laity without pain of sin. If what is promoted as “Church teaching” is something that clashes with Church teaching and tradition, it is unmistakably wrong and should be put right, in charity, for the sake of souls. Confusion and scandal are widely prevalent today in the Catholic Church. Church teaching must be explained clearly to the laity, not
renewed or rewritten differently, causing more division and confusion. No matter the subject.
Roman Catholic attorney, anti-abortion activist, and journalist Christopher Ferrara says it quite well when he wrote,

“The Magisterium does not teach by ‘secondary literature’ written by ‘translators.’ It teaches by unequivocal pronouncements of Popes and Councils concerning what Catholics must believe. No such pronouncements have been forthcoming on this nebulous

“It is also important to note, “Theology of the Body” is not magisterial teaching (as mentioned…). As author Mark Shea put it,
“In short, the whole argument is about a fascinating and potentially useful constellation of ideas that do not form part of the essential teaching of the Faith…. It’s just somebody’s opinion, not the End of the World or the Consummation of All Things.”
Logically and theologically, what the Church teaches concerning these matters has much more weight than one Cardinal who had an opinion that seems to contradict previous Church teaching, theology, Papal Encyclicals,Fathers and Doctors of the Church’s counsels on the matter.” (you can read more on this site over here.)

Okay. I’m finished. You can lose your head over it, I don’t really care. TOB is not doctrine, period. I prefer not to go headlong into worship and idolization of something that isn’t even doctrine. (I imagine they are even now making books of all sorts in the name of “Theology of the Body”… “Delicious Breakfasts Cookbook: Through the Lens of Theology of the Body” hahahaha.

I’ve said my peace! Have a great day!

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