Covid-Catholics Are Major Cringe

A prominent Catholic woman shared this on her Instagram….. is this person for real??

You know… sometimes I seriously wonder if Catholics are just trying to be sarcastic? That they just cannot be this freaking stupid. People are dropping like flies from this garbage vaccine (yes, all abortion tainted), the crazy-high number of people killing themselves because of the misery they are being put through because of COVID lockdowns, “precautions” (and might I say, getting shamed, abused and attacked in every possible way everywhere, especially in CATHOLIC Churches because of the mask AND NOW BECAUSE OF THE VACCINE) … just the overall demonic actions of Catholics, forget the secular world, we’re talking about CATHOLICS, concerning other people, especially the most vulnerable! Treating them like crap, abusing them, attacking them, shaming them, and in many places throwing them out and banning them from Church. And you know what thee scariest part is?? Nobody cares. Catholics are happily getting their “vaccine”, happily ignoring vulnerable human beings getting thrown out of Church, banned FROM THE SACRAMENTS and so on.

I just can’t believe it.

Don’t ask my why I still can’t believe that Catholic’s can be this freaking stupid. I have no idea. How are Catholics so blind? How are Catholics so heartless? How are Catholics so selfish? How are Catholics so cruel? How can we legit quote from the Bible, scream about love and mercy while ignoring, and in some cases applauding the banning of Catholics from the Sacraments because of a damn face diaper that doesn’t work? Y’all are working for the devil, and it’s really pathetic. And you know its bad when the majority of non-Catholics can see all of this hypocrisy and Great Reset Commie crap from a mile away, yet Catholics are too busy fumbling over themselves to obey the latest from Fauci. Seriously!?

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