Get Out of the Church of Covid. God is King, Not Covid.

(How’d you like my gorgeous, professional cover photo? 😂)

I have severe anxiety, I’ve always had it. But now because of this Covid insanity, life has become a living nightmare, particularly because of Covid Karens and Mask Nazis everywhere I go.
I don’t wear a mask; one reason is that I cannot wear it because of my health, the second reason is that I refuse to look like an idiot in the name of the Church of Covid. It really shows how “merciful” and “loving” people are when telling them your whole health history doesn’t deter them from making an example out of you in the storefront and forbidding access into businesses. Unbelievable. “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”??
It is SO nice to hear truth spoken. It makes the battle a little easier. Thank you Mr. Matt. God bless!

“In this episode of The Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt provides all the arguments you’ll need against that crazy uncle who’s still wearing the hazmat suit to the grocery store, or the nutty aunt who still thinks Pope Francis the Globalist is on her side. First up, Francis: This time he’s teaming up with the radical Left for a conference on world health which includes the expertise of Dr. Fauci, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry and pro-abort Chelsea Clinton. In 2018 it was Katy Perry. This year it’s Chelsea Clinton. Francis is literally hosting the abomination of desolation at the heart of Christendom. Next up, Vaccination Fascination: Are you afraid of dying of Covid? Is your crazy uncle? Does he know that his chances of being hospitalized if he gets Covid are exceptionally low? Don’t you think somebody ought to tell him? TV Lefty Bill Maher does, and so does traditional Catholic Michael Matt. In fact, Michael Matt and Bill Maher are in agreement on Covid. It’s time for the media and radical Left to stop politicizing health care while serving up 24/7 panic porn against Uncle Gullible. The takeaway? The Great Reset crowd may be losing their stranglehold. Especially here in America, the sheep—liberal and conservative—have had enough of the stupid!”


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