We Are The Church of Compromise

Whatever we call Catholicism today – the “Catholicism” that encourages ecumenism, Pachamama idols, working on Sundays, Contraception, active gay lifestyles, immodesty, abortion-tainted vaccines, women “clergy” and girl altar boys, and the droves and droves of Eucharistic abuses and sacrileges, not including the millions and millions of “ex Catholics” …… we can all agree is the Church of Compromise.

Our Lady of LaSalette, Good Success, and Akita spoke of this, St. Padre Pio spoke of this. Venerable Fulton Sheen spoke of this. Even Pope Paul VI spoke of this. We are choking on the “smoke” of Satan that has been burning down the Catholic Church since even before Vatican II.

Catholics compromise. We eat, drink, and sleep compromise. We aren’t even given the option of “DO THIS TERRIBLE THING OR GO HUNGRY!”, they don’t even have to force us to do their bidding! We are running towards it! We can’t get enough of it! Imagine our hubris in thinking we can gain heaven by barely lifting a finger – sharing Heaven with the holy martyrs themselves!! While we make excuses to opt out of not eating meat on Fridays. Pathetic. Heaven requires the obedience and following of the Church and the laws of God, not sitting around, making excuses and living as comfortably as we can until we die. And NO “Divine Mercy” doesn’t magically make Heaven possible with that lifestyle either.

Out of love of souls, and of Holy Mother Church, which is become eclipsed by this counter Church, I shudder in fear and anger. God have mercy on us. Have mercy on your stupid, disobedient, compromising sheep. We do not deserve Your mercy or Your forgiveness, but You are so good, that if we are truly sincere and repentant, You forgive us.

Let us pray that there are still Catholics out there who have some conscience left. Let us pray that we do not all fall into Hell before the end.

And let us thank God for the sliver of Faith that has been saved and continues to grow under this Apocalyptic Winter, this poisonous fumes of Hell. We must practice the Faith of our fathers inside a Church that is disgusted by its own name and practices. Thank GOD for all He has given us: for Tradition, for the Faith.

PSA: If you take the jab, I can’t say I will have any compassion or sympathy for whatever happens to you in this life. You can’t be that stupid and blind and still expect sympathy. God have mercy on your soul, and may you repent before your Final End. For that is what I have sorrow for. Not your earthly suffering because of a stupid jab.

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