What kind of Catholic gift shop is THIS?

I wrote this quote a long time ago on my old Blog “The Faithful Pew”. This was pre-Covid guys. The Church of Nice has always been so lame and cringe.

The Faithful Pew

 Let’s talk about the wonderfully nice time I had today at this Nice Catholic gift shop.

  I figured I’d do my part and help others to know what to expect at a Church of Nice gift shop; because it’s just such a nice place to visit!

 They have a lovely set of literature for everyone, from books on Pope Francis to, the Youcat, to comic-book style bible stories, to the Bible for Teens, to prayer books for busy moms and dads… you can find most anything here! Well, except for the Douay – Rheims bible of course. When I asked if they had it they asked me what it was; they had never heard of it. Or the Baltimore Catechism… its way too old fashioned and boring!

 They even have a section for “Our Lady” of Medjugorie (a un-approved “marian” apparition that is eerily not looking so good for…

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