We Need The Baltimore Catechism Now More Than Ever

I’ve always wondered why some prominent modern(ist) day Catholics felt the need to make “newer” cringe-y Catechisms (*cough* Youcat *cough* Dutch Catechism *cough*) that only make things sound more complicated when the Baltimore Catechism is literally the most concise and clear Catechism. Why not make additions (like why Trangenderism is a mortal sin and bad, ect) to THAT one, while keeping the same strategy? With illustrations? And one can crack open the Catechism of Trent and the Catechism of JPII to dig deeper. (Psst! I prefer the Catechism of Trent over the JPII one, personally its clearer. Tim and Taylor also talk about it in depth, which I agree with.)

The simple illustrations are what I really love to about the Baltimore Catechism!

Nowadays there are very few Catholics who work on Sundays. By work I mean do unnecessary housework, shopping, ect. It is clearly forbidden by the Church to do so. Look how simple this is.

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Same goes with the idea of modesty, and sacrifice (ain’t got no time to sacrifice when we are already “worthy” and busy with “self care / self love” right?


And purity… does any Catholic talk this frankly about impurity nowadays? Without making excuses or painting it over with “ITS ART!” ??

via flashingby.blogspot.com
via flashingby.blogspot.com
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Bring back the Baltimore Catechism!! It’s clear, it’s concise, it’s to the point. It’s what we need. By the way, while we’re at it, let’s get Baritus to re-design the old Baltimore Catechism with its illustrations and Bishop Athanasius Schneider to add in the extra topics!!! Would’t that just be the coolest thing ever??? 😍😍


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