I Stand With Fr. Altman: WE ALL DO.

“I Stand With Fr. Altman” the cry reaches all over social media as Catholics stand with one of the few honest-to-God holy and courageous priests today. Fr. James Altman has been asked by his pansy Bishop to step down. Donate today to Fr. legal fund to help Father, which has so far raised 1123% of its original amount asked!!! Listen to his latest sermon and then head on over to watch Taylor Marshall interview him! THEN pray your rosary for Father Altman.



And go share all of this on your social media, including this photo (not my original photo btw):


    • Yeah… same… though it just might get messy! “Open war is upon us” as Aragorn said lol, “whether you would risk it or not.” It’s a pretty spot on quote for these days. There will be martyrs, white and red. The devil is scrambling and we can see it in the poor souls who have given themselves over to his nefarious plans.

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