The Problem with Harry Potter (Updated 2021)

Just revised this post from my old blog.

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At the end of the day we need to remember that its not about making “JK ROWLINGS” or “HARRY POTTER” our daily obsession. It’s not our job as Catholics to start blogging daily about “JK ROWLING SNEEZED IN LATIN! CONFIRMS SHE’S A WITCH.” Honestly this kind of thing  is just embarrassing and puts a pathetic shadow of “outraged and scared followers of Christ” over the true reality of Christianity. The Catholic Church never fears the darkness but exposes it for her children to be able to avoid them and keep living for Christ, not obsess over it. She gives plain examples and honest and clear advice and admonitions. And if her children decide to ignore her, they are certainly in the wrong.

Now, let’s continue with this post.”

The Faithful Pew

Here we go; whether you believe it or not. I would take the advice of the Chief Vatican Exorcist and an Ex-High Wizard Satanist over someone’s over-attached opinion on H.P.  any day. Also, there is a world of difference between a Christian who sees the devil in every triangle, one eye or secular song and a faithful Catholic who acknowledges the devil and his great power, but also the importance of the sacraments, sacramentals and the Saints. And of course ultimately, the nothingness that the devil is before Our Great God Almighty. If we live in the state of grace and stay away from “doorways” as exorcists call them (like Yoga, Reiki, the Ouija board), we can go about our Christian lives without having a mental breakdown if a good priest tells us about something evil; we have the spiritual and emotional maturity to trust in God and do what…

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