The Great Importance of Modesty! Catholic Book Praised by Many Bishops Speaks Highly of Modesty!

There is so much proof out there that shows how important Modesty in dress is and always was regarded in the Catholic Church. So why on earth have we thrown out these ideas?

Catholic Modesty

“What kind of spirit is nourished by fancy dresses of this kind ? Certainly not a Christian spirit. And how little regard is there not often paid to tender and Christian modesty and purity ! O Christian mothers, do not act so cruelly with your children f Do not so deliberately nourish vanity in them to their ruin ! Observe a certain modesty and moderation in the manner of dressing your children, not neglecting the requirements of your state of life ? Accustom your children early to know that the true and most beautiful ornament of a person consists in the possession of a pure, sinless heart, enriched with Christian virtues. Woe to you if you yourselves practise vanity along with your children, by adorning them immoderately in order to make them outshine others. Is it not imperiling the true welfare of your children in order to satisfy your own…

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