Articles in Print

“Yvonne-Aimee: A Mystic for Our Times” – The Remnant Newspaper – 2019

“TYRANNICAL SOCIALISM: Let Us Never Forget” – The Remnant Newspaper – 2018

“Moving towards a better tomorrow” – MICHAEL Journal – 2015

“The Children of My Pure Heart” – MICHAEL Journal – 2015


Various Websites

Fellowship & Fairydust // The Outburst Poem

Radical-Mothering // Dressing to Impress

Radical-Mothering // How To Actually Fight Rape Culture

Radical-Mothering // Squashing “Pride”

Ignitum Today // How to be Single

The Lady’s Journal // Nostalgia for the Bride

The Lady’s Journal // “die Weiße Rose” Should Be In All Our History Books

The Lady’s Journal // Do Catholics Have a Morbid Fascination With Death?

The Lady’s Journal // Why Are Catholics Asking If Watching Game of Thrones Is Sinful?

The Lady’s Journal // How To Be Single


 Letters to the Editor

Real abuse of women: 55 million abortions. 2/10 2014

March for Life united, inspired many  – 2/13/2013

Media focus on one side of abortion – 4/19/2012

Media ignore successful ‘March for Life’ – 2/6/2012

Parish should support priest, move on  – 8/12/2010

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